Simplest way to get started

Volumera is our own web renderer made to work with the Touchly app.

  • Burn our GPUs instead of yours.

  • Upload your video, choose your settings, and come back when it's ready.

  • Your video is in the cloud already? Convert it directly with its URL.

  • Pay only for what you use, no subscription necessary. It is proportional to the time it takes us to render your video, pricing is defined before starting the conversion.

  • Use pre-defined presets.

  • Keep your videos private. Videos are deleted in 24 hours and just accesible to you.

  • Convert multiple videos in parallel.

Conversions run in the background, feel free to close the window and come back when it's ready.

You can monitor the conversion progress in the "library" tab.


  1. Create you account, confirm your email and login.

  2. Upload your video to the platform, or paste your raw video URL.

Make sure it's a video URL and not a webpage. Platforms like YouTube are not directly supported.

  1. Select the input format of your video.

  2. Select your quality preset and occlusion inpainting option. More about quality presets here:

  1. Select the frame range of your liking. The time range will update accordingly.

  2. The credits requirement will appear. More about pricing here:

Press "Start Converting" and you should be good to go.

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