Volumetric VR video player docs (WIP)

Touchly is the next evolution of the VR video player. You can turn videos into volumetric, immersive experiences.

  • Easy to create: Use any VR (or your usual) camera. No expensive equipment or depth sensors necessary.

  • Immersion: Move in six-degrees-of-freedom, and use your virtual hands that react to the video environment.

  • Support range: In addition, play in most of the common layouts (180/360/Flat in Stereo/Mono) and formats (mp4, avi, mkv, mov, webm).

  • Mix with your reality: Blend with your environment with Passthrough support, and adjustable color and depth keying.

  • Feature packed: All the features you'd expect from a video player, and new ones created for the volumetric format.

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