Serving as a content provider

If you’re a content creator or streaming service looking to showcase your VR content in Volumetric format, the Touchly VR app is a great platform to do so.

Some key aspects:

  • This method gives complete control to the provider. You’re required to choose where and how the content is hosted, the metadata, etc.

  • We don’t get any data access. The application reads the information necessary for displaying your content directly.

  • Users needs to manually add the provider inside the application.


This is how it works:

  • The content provider creates a .json file in the required format (with all the necessary information) and hosts it somewhere like AWS S3, Azure or his own website.

  • The user gets the link to that .json copied to the clipboard in their device, ideally through the providers' website.

  • After opening the Touchly App, a button to add the provider from clipboard will appear automatically.

  • Done! Now all content should be available to watch in the app.

JSON format guide

Here is an example file, that has two example Videos in it.

      "name": "Example Provider",
    "VideoInfo": [
      "name": "My Video Name 1",
      "author": "John Doe",
 "category": "Animals",
      "videoUrl": "",
 "thumbnailUrl": "",
      "playbackMode": "Dynamic",
      "holoWidth": 0.09851014,
      "holoCenter": 0.864569,
      "holoSmoothing": 0.03
      "name": "My Video Name 2",
      "author": "John Doe",
 "category": "Sports",
      "videoUrl": "",
      "thumbnailUrl": "",
      "playbackMode": "Passthrough",
      "holoWidth": 0.01,
      "holoCenter": 0.961237,
      "holoSmoothing": 0.03

The information that needs to be provided is the following:

  • Name: Name of the provider shown in-app.

  • VideoInfo: Information for each video to include, described here:


  • Name: Name of the video.

  • Thumbnail URL: Should be a downloadable link to a square 256x256 thumbnail.

  • Video streaming/download URL: HLS and DASH streaming is also supported.

  • Author (optional): Is displayed under the name.

  • Category (optional).

  • Default playback mode: Dynamic, Static or Passthrough.

  • HoloWidth, HoloCenter, HoloSmoothing (optional): Settings for passthrough mode, so that the most important subjects are visible in passthrough mode.

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