Media sources

You can stream video files in the following sources:


Local videos are shown in-app in the "Files" tab.


You can play local video files in the device SD card, as long as they're not in the root folder, but inside any other folder, could be a newly created one too.


Any supported videos inside the "Videos" or "Desktop" folder will be detected.


Any supported video URL can be streamed by copying to clipboard. If it's valid a "Play from URL" button will appear. Refer to Supported media to see available streaming formats.

Content providers

You can add provider-served repositories (not managed by us).

To add one just copy a provider url in your clipboard and a “Add provider” button will appear in the “Explore” section.

Interested in serving as a content provider? Check this page:

Local streaming

You can stream media in your local network with our media server Touchly Cast. It is also open sourced:

In the app select "Cast" and you should be able to see your folders.

You can download Touchly Cast for Windows here:

If the local server is not found:

  • Make sure your device and the server are on the same network and Cast is open.

  • Check that the PC where the server is hosted can receive PING.

    You may need to activate it like this.

  • Activate Network Discovery, guide.

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